A Good Sport…

In 1997, I could list the starting lineup of the Cleveland Indians, and my most prized possession was a Sandy Alomar, Jr. autograph. Maybe I was a little obsessed…

{Note the shirt, shorts, earrings, necklace, hat, glove and facepaint. Too bad my coordinating red and blue socks were cut out of the photos…}

Times have changed. Thank the good Lord.

Though baseball is still the only sport that I can actually follow, I can’t really tell you much about the game any more (except stories from my childhood about camping our in the living room when the Tribe was in the Series, and how I would throw myself in a corner and pray under and blanket every time one of our guys got up to bat. It was sweaty…and disappointing.) But, this weekend I got to see my good ‘ol Indians, go to a fabulous wedding AND see the Brownies take home a win (in temperatures above freezing!).

We were in Cleveland for Aaron & Carly’s wedding – The Husband was good friends with Aaron in college, and Aaron was in our wedding two years ago. The Bride and Groom are both big Tribe fans (Carly especially) and had the awesome idea of having their rehearsal dinner at the Indian’s game!

We were also very lucky, because they were honoring Jim Thome (one of those old players I actually know!) for hitting 600 homers, and many of his old teammates came to the game (I waved to Sandy…. I totally think he remembered me from that autograph signing in the 90’s. Let’s face it…I haven’t changed much.)

After watching the Tribe pull out a win, we woke up bright and early the next day to get ready for Aaron and Carly’s big day. The Husband had the honor of being the Best Man, so he helped Aaron run some last-minute errands while I got to run, eat oatmeal and write.

The wedding (and the bride) was absolutely lovely, and the music selection was superb. Aaron’s little sister sang many of the songs, and they played a bunch of my favorites. The Husband did a great job doing a special reading: It was one of his favorite passages in Jeremiah that he and Aaron had studied together in a bible study college. So special, so fitting.

We danced and ate and had fun with the photo booth (gotta love those things!). The Husband’s speech was great, and we owned the Macarena. After the reception, we plopped exhaustedly into bed at the hotel. But, more fun was in store for the next day:

A Browns game!

{Tribe game, Aaron’s grandpa serenades us on the church steps with his harmonica, Browns win!}

Carly happened to have a few connections that allowed the four of us to get amazing last-minute seats. We did have a slight run-in with some pushy scalpers, but the boys took care of us : ) The sun was shining, and it was actually hot – totally unheard of for a Cleveland football game – and we WON (equally unheard of).

The Husband and I sported brand new Browns gear (purchased right before the game) and were so, so happy to get to spend some extra time with the newlyweds : )

Congrats again to Aaron and Carly, and here’s to many more Cleveland wins!

…maybe I should start praying under the covers again.