Quarter Century….

I’m turning 25 next month and it scares me a little…

I keep thinking, “What did I want to accomplish by the time I was 30?”. I can check marriage and a house and a real job off the list (some undeserved good fortune there for sure), but what about kids, world travel, uncover hidden athletic abilities, develop a keen sense of style, local fame (hey, this is reasonable, right?) and my first million several hundreds of thousands in the bank?

There are so many inspiring young people around me, I feel like I need to truly jump in and make some things happen. Some things I think just weren’t meant to be, but a few of those I’m making a concerted effort to achieve. The “athletic abilities” category seemed to be the most easily attainable at the moment, so my latest goal is: A 100 mile bike race.

After my first Tri this summer

I’m new at the bike thing – I’m a runner that is branching out. But, when this opportunity came along and happened to be right after my birthday, it just seemed too appropriate to pass up: Quarter of a century, riding a “century”. My butt may never be the same…. but hey – I gotta check those “Before 30 bucket list” items off when I get the opportunity :)

*sigh* life was just waaaay less complicated in 1996…

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