WINEding road trip

My husband hears a lot about my healthy cooking and new recipes. Hence, this gem of a facebook post from last night *Note: I was out late on a bike trip and just saw it this morning:

Goldfish, Cashews, Pecans, and a Coke…I’m practically a vegan.

Dinner of champions. At least his heart is in the right place.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited because after work today, we head out with our good friends Cole & Steph on a roadtrip….and it involves WINE. No, not while driving. Our destination for the weekend is the Seven Springs Wine & Food Festival in PA.

This is “The Gang” – Three of the husbands best friends from school. They came up from Columbus to hang out a few times this summer and are a blast!

Cole’s grandfather owns  Laurel Mountain Winery, and invited us to help him out at the festival! We love our vino, and can’t wait to jump in. The hubby is particular exited about sharing his thoughts with attendees on the subtle flavors he detects in each variety….but, in light of the state his palate (think the comment above), I don’t know if hints of “Welch’s fruit snacks” and “Mt. Dew” will fly with the customers : )

We’ll see how this goes….

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