Freshly {Peeved}

This is for your own good. Trust me.

Is this you?

Wandering through the cool fall and winter seasons blissfully unaware of the fashion-conscious people everywhere judging you like there is no tomorrow?

{‘X’ marks the spot}

If there is one thing that makes me want to scream, kick people in the shins, step on flowers, throw expensive electronic devices and then dribble into a puddle of angry tears, it is people that DON’T REMOVE THE BASTING STITCHES from their jackets, coats and skirts. They should be lined up and spanked by their grandmothers.

{Cue Psycho music…. Be afraid, be very afraid.}

Listen up, peeps: Just because the fabric is tacked in place, doesn’t mean that it is supposed to STAY that way. The basting stitches are there to make sure that the clothes lay correctly during manufacturing, and that pleats, vents and pockets hold their shape before their new owner lovingly takes them to their new home.

If you leave the threads in place, not only do you look ignorant and make random strangers and coworkers think less of you, but your clothes tend to bunch up in an unsightly manner around your tush. Not a good look. Trust me.

Even the fact that the thread is often a totally different color than the garment doesn’t seem to deter people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked behind someone with a HUGE white “X” on their black jacket, or even the big, bright label still on the sleeve!

{Mad Face}

I’ve also heard some complain that their pockets are “fake”. And, while there are some false pockets (it is always best to check the back side of the pocket in question to make sure that there is a liner in place!) eight times out of 10 they’ve simply never removed the basting threads. Voila! – Now you have somewhere to put your keys and wallet again… Brilliant! (Now if you could just convince him to stop stuffing every gadget known to man in his pockets. Those lumps are just weird. And awkward.)

So, please…I beg you. Save yourself, save me, save your spouse and friends and relatives from all of this distress and horror.

Snip, snip snip.

{Some are Sneaky – Don’t let them win…}

If you refuse to heed my warnings, don’t be surprised if – when you least expect it – a purple-clad iPhone whizzes dangerously near your head.

You’ll thank me someday.

On a side note, the Husband’s purple gum ball won us a free movie last night. Made his week ; )

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