A milestone…

Well, my goofy redheaded “little” brother has officially graduated from college…

…oh, my.

I’m old.

My only consolation is that I still get asked for my ID at the movie theater, and somewhere in my head I fully believe that I am about to enter the 8th grade.

Hanson, gel pens and Bonne Bell lip gloss are still all the rage, right?

Anyhow, Joe’s graduation celebration was wonderful. The ceremony was honestly the most well-run and lovely program I’ve ever attended. It felt wonderful to see my little bro walk across the stage, and to watch him hug, grin and chat with family and friends.

This shindig also gave me a reason to:

  1. Buy a new dress
  2. Go to the nearby outlet mall
  3. Stay in a hotel
  4. Eat at Cheesecake Factory
  5. See the Avengers

Sooooo, as you can see, it was good time.

In other news, The Trip is pretty much all I have on my mind at this point.

Two Weeks.

Am I ready? Of COURSE I’m ready:

His & Hers passport covers? Check. Zebra neck pillow for the airplane? Check. Grandma walking sandals for my still-on-the-mend runner’s feet? Check. Mini bottles of every type of hygiene product known to man? Check. Re-reading my 6th grade “Famous Men of Rome” text book. Half-way check.

Totally prepared. Totally freaking out.

Talk to me in a week and a half and I’ll let you know if I’ve actually started packing or have stocked up on my to-go nut butter supply yet. Then you’ll know It’s getting serious ;)

For now, the next big thing is Chicago with Bekah & my lovely mama for the weekend!

{Can’t wait to be here again (2011). That’s American Girl bliss, folks.}

:) Exciting things ahead!

5 thoughts on “A milestone…

  1. I know we never get to hang, but I feel like you always expose a completely different, internal side to yourself in these posts, and I always laugh at that :)

  2. You, are an awesome sister…the grad pictures were fantastic too. Thanks for now being the official family photographer! Can’t wait for the Rachael Rahrig tour of Chicago. Woo! Hoo!

  3. Hi Rachael! I know its been forever since we’ve talked but the beauty of blogs and facebook is that we forever stay updated on each others lives. This post makes me think of how far we’ve come since those days feeding the goats in your backyard haha. You should know that I love your blog and secretly aspire to build a life as beautiful as the one you portray in your writing and photos ;) Congrats on your trip to Europe! That will be such an amazing adventure!

    • Congrats on wrapping up your year – Those lovely, packed days went quickly, huh?! Thank you so much for your complements… and yes, this trip will be an amazing adventure. You’re a seasoned world-traveler, any advice?


      All the best!

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