And we’re off…

Little did I know, watching “Mission Impossible” right before I started packing was totally appropriate…

I had to channel my inner Tom Cruise to not only pick what I was going to wear (may or may not have spent 3.75 hours in the closet trying things on), but also get everything into our suitcases.

I tried printing out Rick Steves’ packing list. It included one pair of zip of pants, a polyester shirt and instructions on how to wash socks in a sink. {photo source}.


With all due respect: Stick your ol’ list in your ear, Mr. Steves.

Anyway, mission accomplished.

We will be gone for over two weeks, so there won’t be any regular posts during that time. HOWEVER, please feel free to follow me on twitter for some pictures and little updates as we move through Italy and the Mediterranean… internet access might be spotty at times, but I assure you that you will get lots of photos and details when we return :)

{Testing the merchandise for comfort is important}

Thank you for your sweet comments and lots of love as we have gone through the planning and dreaming process of “The Trip”. Keep us and our journeys in your prayers, if you don’t mind. I don’t want the Husband to wander around and get lost trying to buy “Statue of David” boxers, or to wind up paddling a lifeboat or anything…

THAT would be a bummer.


I will leave you with this:

{An amazing original work by Hannah – who I get to see in less than a week!}


9 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. It is such a beautiful country and you get to see beautiful Hannah. Have a safe trip, take a ton of pictures, go on to a side street to eat with the locals and make awesome memories……and maybe even a baby you can name Bella. Just a thought ;)

    I remember a story about Joe reading the word “Ciao” and trying to pronounce it like it’s spelled, not sure why I just thought of that little tidbit! Oh well, it made me smile.

    • Haha! – That “thought” has been passed on a few times ;)

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I will be sure to give Han a big hug from you! And yes, little Joe was (and still is) quite a hoot!

  2. Be sure to try pizza with pistachios! It just doesn’t compute here, but in Italy, it was delicious! I promise:)
    Buon viaggio!

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