rahrighouse projects | lights, camera, action!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI’ve been quiet for a while, I know. But, I’ve had a realllllly good reason. A totally unexpected, never could have predicted, one-in-a-million reason:

Basically, we’ve lived THE dream. You know – the dream you have when you’re the type of person who binge-watches Property Brothers, have designed your “tiny house” in your head, and whisper “shiplap” as you drift off to sleep most nights…

That’s right, folks. The Rahrigs, and our sweet little Connecticut home, are going to be ON TV!

It alllll started when we received a knock on our door on a rainy day in February. The Husband was out of the house, I was upstairs with the little guy who was grouchily waking up from a nap, and the last thing I wanted to do was run down to see who was there (like, we had two friends so far in CT… maybe it was the mail lady?). I finished getting T settled, looked through the window on the off-chance someone was still there, and noticed a truck in the driveway. I cautiously walked down the stairs, and saw a man in a baseball cap jogging up to our doorway. With a big grin, and a ton of energy, this stranger started excitedly talking…

“My name is Eric, I’m with HGTV and we think YOUR HOUSE IS PERFECT...”


|I mean, it IS pretty cute…|

askdjfhalskdjfh. What? I thought, as I stood there with no makeup, in my socks, with the door cracked.  Was I hard-of-hearing?… He started again:

“We are doing this great new show, I’m the host, and we’re looking for a historic New England home, and a young family! Your realtor sent me over! The concept is that we are maximizing and getting creative with space that might be usually ignored…”

askldjfhajskdfh. Huuuuuuh? I was visibly scoffing at this point. Like, this sounded too good to be true, right? Or, I just finished a nine-week renovation and barely escaped with my sanity, so NO I do NOT want any more construction within 100 MILES OF MYSELF ever, ever, ever agin, right?

But, he seemed genuine enough. So, I let him finish talking. And I kindly took his name and number, thanked him, closed the door, and called the husband to tell him this hilarious story… Little did I know where this random happening would take us!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Fast-forward a few months, and our home is now more lovely than I could have imagined. And, the husband has fulfilled his lifelong dream to be a tv star. And maybe Titus has a future on Law & Order. And, we had the adventure of a lifetime.

SO, tune in to the *DIY Network on Wednesday, August 3 at 8:00p.m. to watch Amazing Space and see the new and improved RahrigHouse in all of its glory! UPDATE: Watch on the HGTV Network on Saturday, August 27 at Noon!

Also, a VERY special shout-out to my mom, sister Bekah and sister-in-law Jessica for lots of couch sleeping, box and furniture moving and babysitting during the process!

You can see more of our home renovation adventures here, and expect updates here at FreshlyMinted soon!


*DIY is the HGTV sister network. The show will likely air on HGTV at a later date – we’ll keep you posted!


19 thoughts on “rahrighouse projects | lights, camera, action!

  1. Oh, Darlin’! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!! Be prepared for people to come knocking on your door! After my house was featured in a magazine several years back we had people from as far away as Canada “just stop by”. CAN’T WAIT to see your darling home (and smiling face)! Couldn’t be happier! Congrats!

  2. Can’t Wait to See! Such a pleasure to work in your home and hope you are enjoying the new found Amazing Space! Donna

  3. Well crap. I went to my TV to record this wonderful event and it turns out that we don’t have the DIY Network. I am beyond sad.

    • Boo! Several services don’t carry it were finding, but we think it will be available online after it airs, and have been told it should air on the regular HGTV network in the future! We’ll keep you posted!

  4. Just saw the show and it was amazing!! Having grown up here in Milford, I love seeing our town featured on my favorite channels!! Hope to see you around town! Perhaps at a local playground with the kids!

  5. Hi!
    Congratulations, how exciting!
    I have DIY Network (West Haven) and searched for the show “Amazing Spaces, it’s not listed.
    Was it on last night?
    I’m on a mission to find it!
    I’ll have to check their website.

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